Kari’s Law – Is Your Company Ready?

Posted on: March 6th, 2020 by admin

Red key on a keyboard stating 911 Emergency

On February 16th, 2020, Kari’s Law and the Ray Baum Act went into effect. We are sending this to ensure your company understands the requirements and the steps to take so your business is compliant.

Requirements Breakdown

Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act require all multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) to enable:

  • direct dialing to 9-1-1
  • direct routing to a 9-1-1 center
  • On-site notification of a call that includes a detailed “dispatchable location” to decrease the response time of EMS personnel.
    This requirement would include room number or floor number if the call is placed from a hotel.
  • Failure to comply with the law could lead to a fine of up to $10,000 and additional penalties up to $500 per day.

Here are some questions to help your business get ready for compliance:

  • Can end-users direct dial 911 without the need to dial an access code(“9″ to dial out) first?
  • Have you accurately mapped user endpoint locations, including address, building, floor, room?
  • Have you tested 911 across all endpoints?
  • Do you have a plan for virtual workers and satellite offices?
  • Are notifications set up to notify the necessary personnel in the event of an emergency?

The deadline for your business to be compliant with the new laws are:

  • Fixed Phones (physical phones that are fixed in an office) must meet the requirements by January 6th, 2021
  • Non-fixed (Softphones or IP phones) must meet the requirements by January 6th, 2022
  • Remote phones for traveling or employees working from home must meet the requirements by January 6th, 2022.

If your company needs help meeting the requirements, or would like more information, please contact COMMWORLD. We will work to ensure your business is compliant with the new laws.

This article is intended to provide you with general information regarding the new 911 laws and is not intended to provide specific legal or business advice. If you have any questions about new laws or you need legal advice, we recommend that you contact your attorney.

Your Local and Long-Distance Provider

Posted on: December 6th, 2018 by admin

Smiling Businesswoman on Phone at Desk

We want to provide you with everything you need in voice and communication solutions at an affordable price. COMMWORLD is both a local and long-distance voice provider with equipment that beats the competition. All of our business phone systems from small businesses to large cloud-hosted PBX contain features that’ll grow with your company, including advanced features that will increase productivity and lower overall costs.

Does your current phone system allow you to contact anyone from anywhere in the world at no additional costs? Our VoIP solutions not only allow for calling any location but from anywhere as well. With our free smart app, you can make calls from the same number both in and out of the office. With our advance voicemail feature, you can also have your voicemails sent straight to your email. These elements allow for more flexibility for both you, your staff, and clients.

No matter the upgrade or update, you get to keep your number. We’ll complete updates and upgrades to your phone system without ever the need to change your phone number or acquire additional costs. We strive to be your one-stop solution for all your voice and communication needs, so we offer seamless integration with all our services including voice and data cabling, conference calling, data services, cloud solutions, video solutions, and more.

What can GrandStream do for you?

Posted on: November 12th, 2018 by admin


We want to give you the best in voice and communication technology for your home or business. We are offering a new product line that contains standard features that most phone systems don’t have. Offering flexibility, innovative app technology, integrative security features, easy management, and high video quality. GrandStream is an all-in-one service that will further exceed your expectations. An award-winning IP voice solution, GrandStream offers phone and networking systems that are great for small, medium, and large organizations.

So, what can GrandStream do for you and your business?

An unmatched phone system, the IP voice system is perfect for medium to larger scale operations that is perfect for high-volume users, great multi-line support, virtual and mobile features, and call routing. Features like the GrandStream Wave app, a free application that allows users to make and receive calls through business or residential SIP accounts on any Android device from anywhere in the world allow for company mobility, off-site client and customer engagement and an increase in overall productivity and freedom. Also, video calling for meeting and conferences and in-office call recording.

Grandstream is also great for business security. With the video calling capabilities, it allows for seamless integration with security camera technology to give you the ultimate security and safety.

Here at Commworld of Kansas City, we provide installation of the GrandStream service, with great IT support and unbeatable affordable pricing and financing options. We understand that you want a service that isn’t going to end up needing costly upgrades or repairs, so we are offering this service as the most innovative technology that will last you for years to come. We want you to focus on what’s important to you, so let us deal with giving you a phone system that will be worth every penny.

The Benefits of VoIP

Posted on: October 8th, 2018 by admin

Hand Holding Tablet Displaying VoIP with Server Room Background

VoIP has been a growing topic with businesses. A lot of people have probably heard of it at this point, though not all of them may know what it means or what it does. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is mainly used to replace outdated phone systems. Making the switch to VoIP you will gain a multitude of new options, features, and save money.

While traditional phone systems tend to charge you for every line you add, while with VoIP you can add lines at no extra charge. It also reduces your monthly payments. Since it works through your network, you only need to have one system your budget instead of two separate ones. All of that cost saving helping your business on top of the features it has such as Direct Dial Numbers for each of your users, Voice Mail sending the messages to your email, and access ability with your mobile phones and portable devices.

If there’s a reason VoIP has become a popular topic for businesses, its because of all the benefits it gives. From the cost savings to the new features only modern technology can bring. VoIP can benefit your business regardless of size. So don’t get left behind, switch to VoIP today by giving Commworld of Kansas City a call.

Cloud Solutions

Posted on: September 5th, 2018 by admin

Cloud Computing Concept

Almost everyone has heard of the “Cloud” in some form or another. Most of the context it’s used in is as a storage space for your files and documents. What if we told you that you could use the cloud to not only improve the operations of your business but it can help your business expand and cut costs at the same time?

With the cloud, you can reduce IT costs since the cost of maintenance, upgrades, security, etc. are all on the service provider instead of on your IT budget. This means you now won’t need to have expensive IT experts cover your systems. Having everything hosted on the cloud also allows for your business to have more open scalability, as you won’t need to pay for installations or hardware upgrades for opening new locations or moving buildings. Everything is easily accessible from one place, the cloud.

Those are just some of the benefits of the cloud. We didn’t even go over how you can use the cloud to host your phones with VoIP and to host your conference calls. Or how easy it to access your work files and documents from outside the office with mobile apps or laptops connected to the cloud. So if the cloud sounds like a step in the right direction for your business give us a call to get your cloud solution set up.

Determining When Video Surveillance is Right for You

Posted on: July 22nd, 2018 by admin

Surveillance Camera on Commercial Building

The threat of break-ins, theft, or damage to your property is an ever-present risk to your business. Inevitably, these occurrences happen when you least expect them and leave you feeling a loss of security and safety that may have an impact on you and your employees. COMMWORLD of Kansas City understands the importance of feeling safe and secure at your place of work. You can mitigate these concerns through our video surveillance service.

Technological advances have resulted in a drastic increase in quality for video surveillance. Instead of one room recording all your footage from your cameras, and needing to be in that room to view it, you can see your live feed from your mobile device. Combined with motion-sensor technology, you will be alerted to a potential threat and be viewing your feed mere seconds later. With the quality level of modern cameras, what you see on the live feed, and what is recorded to automated backups, provides a clear indication of the events that transpired – whether you’re using it for internal purposes or to provide as evidence to law enforcement.

Protecting your business, your peace of mind, and providing a feeling of security is our top priority. Towards that end, we offer a variety of options for surveillance systems in order to meet your specific needs. Protect your interests with the best quality video surveillance you can find. Contact us today.

Time to Upgrade your Communications Infrastructure

Posted on: June 29th, 2018 by admin


When was the last time you invested in your backend IT systems? Even the best technology solutions will suffer from problems and delays if the cabling system and infrastructure supporting them are outdated or poorly designed. Successful businesses need dependable communication systems, so they can connect with customers, colleagues, vendors, and partners. After all, you shouldn’t have to worry that a call will drop or that critical messages will take too long to send.

Our experienced technicians can identify typical infrastructure mistakes and improve the design for better long-term support. We conduct a full assessment of your network, looking for weak or faulty elements. In some cases, we’ll recommend a full system redesign, to support your future IT needs. This is especially important if you’re switching to cloud solutions, which take up more bandwidth and require faster processing times. You won’t experience the full benefits of cloud and VoIP solutions when you have poor connectivity at the office.

COMMWORLD assesses your current infrastructure and speeds it up. You can trust us to implement industry best practices and innovative solutions for your communications. We bet your team will thank you for saving them time and frustration! Contact us today to schedule your initial network analysis.
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37 Years of Pleasing Customers

Posted on: June 13th, 2018 by admin

Group of Smiling People Giving a Thumbs Up

Commworld of Kansas City has been in the game for a long time now, providing service since 1981. It is thanks to our customers that we keep moving forward and improving. So we would like to take the time to show the feedback our customers have had to say about us. Your testimonials are important to us and we are always glad to receive feedback. It’s thanks to you and the things you say that we’ve had a glowing reputation for 37 years, and hopefully even more years to come. So without further ado here’s a sample of what our customers have to say:

“COMMWORLD knows what many service companies have never learned, that is how to deliver quality and timely service. Keep up the excellent work.”
– Chief Information Officer

“We were very smart when we chose COMMWORLD of Kansas City… Through initial proposal, installation, training and follow up, we have found your service to be superb… Thank you for your help and service.”
– President / CEO Chamber of Commerce

“… since 1996. COMMWORLD responded immediately, provided a temporary solution while solving our problems on a permanent basis. This is customer service that is being lost in most companies.”
– Management Consultant

“Throughout my career in dealing with technology providers, I’ve rarely had a privilege of working with such a dedicated and professional organization as COMMWORLD.”
– Chief Information Officer

We will keep doing the best we can providing them with the best service for years to come. There is more that our customers have to say about us than what is written here, please go read the rest.

A Phone System That Adjusts

Posted on: May 28th, 2018 by admin

Finger pressing key on phone

Businesses small and large spend a lot of time and money to ensure that their employees have the communications system they need to work effectively. Nobody wants to see those investments go to waste, that’s why it’s important to design a long-lasting and effective infrastructure to support business needs for the long-term.

Sales and customer relations suffer when a business can’t be reached. This can happen for several reasons, such as an outage or natural disaster. Your systems need to be set up to handle these circumstances, as well as any challenges from high-volume call times, temporary relocations, and remote workers. With Commworld’s cloud communications, you’re on the right path to addressing these types of situations.

During our initial consultation, we work with you to find the right combination of solutions for your business. This includes a discussion of future needs and a review of the current infrastructure that you have in place. We often recommend cloud disaster routing, which allows you to easily forward critical phone numbers to smartphones, allowing customers and partners to still reach you without dialing a different number. In addition, you can have voicemails stored on the cloud for easy access even when you’re not in the office. Thanks to our cloud communications, we can help your phone system adjust – no matter the situation.

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We’re Pushing 40

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40 years in business that is. Well, almost. This year, we celebrate our 37th birthday. During these last 37 years, we’ve amassed a wide range of expertise, we’ve established ourselves in the Kansas City area, we’ve worked with a lot of customers, who are like family and have outlasted many of our competitors. We have an excellent and dedicated team here at COMMWORLD, with our four top managers sharing 114 years of experience working together. Yes, you read that correctly – 114! Many of our employees have been with the company for over 20 years.

As dedicated as we are to our company and our business, we are even more dedicated to our customers. Our people genuinely care for you, our customer. We want to make sure we provide the best products and services for your business and we are not shy about sharing our years of experience and expertise with you. We will guide you through every step in the process and will make sure that you come away satisfied with your COMMWORLD experience. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can meet and exceed your communication needs.